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Captive Eddies' music has roots in classic rock, reggae, blues, world, folk, funk, classical, newgrass, and Gypsy jazz.  At age 13, the twin brothers, Leaf and Deva Blanchard, along with their childhood friend Jody Moore, began playing music together. At first what started as a race to see who could learn the fastest, soon became a life long ambition to create and share good music. After absorbing everything they could from the musicians around them, they found Richy Stano, who had just spent 10 years as a staff instructor at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology). The three boys studied music under Richy for 5 years while simultaneously honing their unique styles and song writing abilities. Eddie Fields, an exceptionally talented blind drummer, joined the band 13 years ago for a recording session, the chemistry between them was immediately evident, and Eddie has been an integral part of the band since that day. Presently, Captive Eddies pulls from of reservoir of over one hundred original songs and performs at festivals and venues in the US and abroad. Captive Eddies latest album, Simple Dream (released in 2014), features guest artists such as Byron House, Larry Atamumeak, and Brent Truit. Byron House has worked with a long list of renowned musicians including Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and Alison Krauss. Larry Atamumeak is known for his work with Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, and Sheryl Crow. Brent Truitt, who produced and played on "Simple Dream," is a Multi-Platinum Grammy Award winning mandolin player and producer...

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